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Kits and Brass Rings

Basic Beginners Kit to Make 6 Cross Wheel Buttons 
The kit contains full instructions with photographic illustrations and suitable thread and rings to make six buttons.  You will only need a blunt or tapestry embroidery needle and a small pair of scissors to complete the buttons.
The kit costs £3 and is available in 15 mm or 18 mm ring sizes in the following colours: white, cream, beige, pale blue, pale green and pink.  Other colours are available on request, especially in the smaller ring size.
Please contact Rosalind for colours available and more information.
A selection of these basic kits is available to purchase on-line at Rosalind's shop on
Hollow Brass Rings for Making Traditional Cross Wheel Dorset Buttons 
Now available, brass rings to work buttons using your own threads as follows:
small sizes (12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm)............10p each
larger size (32mm).................................................15p each
Packs of ten rings in the sizes shown above are available to purchase on-line at Rosalind's shop on 
A Fact File written by Marion Howitt
This is an excellent A5 size booklet with 20 pages giving detailed instructions for making Cross Wheels, High Tops and Dorset Knobs, Bird's Eyes, Singletons and Grindle or Sea-Urchin and other thread worked buttons.  It includes three pages of colour photographs.
Please contact Rosalind to purchase.
Price ......£5.50

A new and simple kit is now available for making a version of the Dorset Posy Brooch.



The kit contains a 25 mm brass ring, suitable threads for both the background and the flowers, a blunt tapestry needle, a safety pin and full instructions for how to proceed with photographs showing each stage. This kit is suitable for beginners.

It is available in a selection of colours and can easily be prepared to your requirements, please contact Rosalind for details.   
There are some posy brooch kits available for immediate purchase from






Price ............£4