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Dorset Button Gifts for Children

Dorset Button Trimmed Bibs
These unique cotton rich bibs are designed for easy putting on and taking off and so are fastened with a Velcro spot on the left shoulder.  They are pretty and smart enough to wear all day for the constantly dribbling, teething baby, yet are fully machine washable. The bib is backed with a soft, absorbent white terry cloth fabric and the matching Dorset button is purely a decorative trim.
The bib is suitable especially for babies in the age range 6 months to one year and makes a great original gift for a new mother, especially if paired with a small pair of slippers (see below). 
The bib measures approximately 18cm wide and about 15cm deep from below the chin.  The Dorset button decoration measures 19mm and is securely fastened to the bib.
A selection of bibs are available to buy now on-line at the Folksy shop, Rosalind Atkins - Smocking and Dorset Buttons. 
Price .........£8
Dorset Button Trimmed Baby Slippers 
These unique slippers are made for the toddler who is crawling and starting to cruise, they are light and comfortable to wear and have elastic to ensure that they stay on whatever and feature an integral non-slip sole for safety.
The slippers are made from toning patterned cotton fabric and lined with warm
quilted poly-cotton.  They are available in many unique colour and pattern combinations and can be bought on-line on
They are trimmed with a matching 12mm Dorset button which is securely attached to the outside of the slipper upper.
Machine washable.
They are sized to fit age approximately12-18 months.  The sole measures approximately 12cm long and about 6.5cm at the widest part.
A range of slippers in a larger size to fit age 18-24 months (approximately 14cm long and 8.5cm wide) is now available for sale on Folksy.

Please click on link above for current availability in both sizes.
Price ....................£15 per pair. 
Dorset Button Hair Clips and Hair Elastic Bands
These pretty Dorset Cross Wheel button hair clips are sold as a pair and
come in a very wide range of colours.
The buttons are fixed to the simple hair clip as part of the construction of the button.
The hair elastics have a single button secured to a thick, comfortable
elastic band suitable for holding a pony tail. 
A selection of hair clips and hair elastic bands are available to buy on-line on
Please contact Rosalind if the colour you want is not available it can be quickly made to order.
The buttons are worked on a 25mm ring and the complete hair clip measures 5.5cm.
Price Hair Clips(per pair).......£10
         Hair Elastics ..................£6