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Dorset Button Medley Brooch
 Rosalind created this brooch to showcase a collection of five different traditional styles of Dorset button.
The base is a large (45mm diameter) Singleton button made using pure silk, which is adorned with a 18
mm beaded Cross Wheel button worked in two colours, a single colour 12mm Yarrell Cross Wheel button, a 15mm Dorset Knob and three small (10mm) simple Bird's Eye buttons in toning shades of cotton.
The brooch is finished on the back with a brooch pin.
There is a range of medley brooches available to buy now on-line at  Otherwise a brooch can be made to order in your own choice of colours.  Please contact Rosalind to discuss your requirements. 
The colour schemes currently available are shown on the left, from the top, reading left to right:
blue and yellow, rich russet and vanilla,
old gold,coral pink and  lemon yellow,
pale blue and turquoise.
The brooch is supplied with a note detailing the different types of traditional Dorset button that it contains. 
Price ........£20 
Dorset Button Brooches
Rosalind produces these beautiful and unique brooches in a wide range of colours.  Each button is an individual work of art; a piece of heritage brought up to date.
The Cross Wheel style buttons are worked in two or more colours and small beads are incorporated as they are made.  As you can see from the small range shown left there are many different styles possible.
There are several of these unique beaded Dorset Button brooches available to buy now on, however please contact Rosalind if you would like to order one, or commission a brooch in your favourite colours or to match a particular outfit.
The buttons are worked on a ring measuring 32mm.
Price .....£10
Dorset Button Rings
These simple rings feature a sparkling Dorset Cross Wheel button worked in a single colour of cotton thread and decorated with tiny, glass beads added as part of the button construction.
The button is worked on a 22mm diameter base ring and is firmly attached to a simple, adjustable, 20mm diameter stainless steel  wire ring. 
The rings can be worked in a wide range of colours.  Please contact Rosalind to make your choice.  A selection is now available for on-line purchase on
Price .....£7
Dorset Button Earrings

Rosalind makes delicate Dorset Cross Wheel Button earrings in a wide range of colours.
For pierced ears the stud version is made using a tiny 12 mm button which is securely fixed to a nickel-free, silver plated post back and is fastened in the ear with a plastic keeper.

Earrings can be made with clip on backs using a slightly larger 15 mm button.

Rosalind has recently developed a drop style earring, again using a larger size ring (18 mm) and worked so that the button is reversible as both sides will be visible in wear.  The buttons are hung on stainless wire ear wires with a short silver wire drop adorned with matching glass beads.

 Please contact Rosalind to order a pair, specifying your requirements or take a look at what is currently available at her on-line shop on
Price .....£6 for studs
             £10 for drop earrings
Dorset Button Necklaces 
Rosalind has recently added these attractive necklaces created from five co-ordinating Dorset Cross Wheel buttons to her collection of contemporary gifts. 
The buttons are linked together and are hung on a toning 12mm organza ribbon.  The necklace can be worn as a choker around the neck or can be adjusted to sit lower.  The buttons are worked on rings measuring from 19mm to 32mm in diameter and the width of the button section measures approximately 120mm. 
The necklace is shown from left to right  in colour ways 'Citrus', 'Poppy', 'Bluebell', 'Wisteria', 'Sea and Sky',  'Springtime',  'Bluebell', 'Pinks', 'Rainbow' and  'Fuchsia Voodoo' in shades of purple, pink and red. 
Special edition 'Rainbow' necklace comprising seven 25mm buttons shown below. 
 These necklaces are available to purchase on-line at
Chunky Dorset Button Brooches
In response to requests for larger brooches, Rosalind has developed a chunky version of the Dorset Cross Wheel Button Brooch.  Each brooch is unique and is worked in a selection of often unrepeatable threads and colours.   
The brooch measures approximately 60mm in diameter and has a safety brooch bar-catch on the reverse.   
Colours available are shown left,
 top row 'Citrus'  
middle row 'Poppy' and 'Bluebell'
bottom row 'Sea and Sky', 'Fuchsia Voodoo' and 'Café au Lait' 
'Mountain Heather' see right 
These brooches can be purchased on-line at
The brooch can be worked to order in any colours of your choice, please contact Rosalind if you would like to commission one.  
Chunky Dorset Button Neck Pieces
In addition to the Chunky Button Brooches
shown above, Rosalind has created some stunning neck pieces featuring various sized unique Dorset Cross Wheel buttons.
These are worked in an unrepeatable selection of colours in various weights and types of thread and each piece is therefore unique.
The neck pieces are available with three Dorset button elements as shown in 'Sun and Sand' colourway on the left and 'Poppy' on the right, or with five elements as shown in 'Stone' below.
The neck pieces hang from two lengths of matching 12mm wide organza ribbon.
The three element neck piece measures 18cm long and is 65mm at its widest point.  The five element neck piece measures 17cm long and is 15cm wide.
These neck pieces are available to order, please contact Rosalind to discuss your requirements.  'Sun and Sand' 3 element neck piece is available to buy now from the Artisan shop on Folksy.
Prices for 3 element neck piece ......... £60
       and for 5 element neck piece .......£80
Dorset Button Key Rings
These key rings feature a 18mm  Dorset Cross Wheel button worked in variegated cotton thread using a fully reversible design.  The button is securely attached to a metal spring opening key ring.
They are available in many colour ways on but please contact Rosalind to request a particular colour.
Price ...... £7
Dorset Button Bookmarks
These bookmarks make a lovely present to put in a card for a book loving friend.  They are made from a small Cross Wheel Dorset  button  with a hand twisted cord joined to the reverse as part of the construction of the button.
The bookmarks are available in a wide range of colours, and are available to buy on  Please contact Rosalind to commission one in your favourite colourway.  
The button is worked on a ring measuring 19 mm and the cord measures approximately 20 cm.
Price ...£6
Dorset Button Journals
These useful journals are covered in a fabric slip-in cover and secured for privacy with a matching Dorset Cross Wheel button.
The A5 size journal itself is spiral bound with hard covers and contains 80 sheets of plain white acid free paper of a quality suitable for writing or sketching (96gsm). 
The journal is available in a range of fabric covers and can be purchased on-line on
The journal measures 16cm  x 21cm and is 2.5cm deep.  The button is worked on a ring measuring 25mm.
Price .....£15
Dorset Button Glasses Cases
These individual fabric glasses cases have a toning, soft, brushed linen lining to cushion your glasses and are fastened, for security, with a hand made matching Dorset button.
The cases are approximately 7cm wide and 15 cm deep.  The button is worked on a 25mm ring.
The glasses cases are available in a wide range of fabrics, please contact Rosalind for current availability or view the shop on
Price .....£10
Dorset Posy Brooches
Rosalind developed these attractive brooches from the traditional Cross Wheel button.  They feature a spray of blossom depicted with embroidered french knots within a covered ring.
These can be made in a wide range of colours using either a shade of green for the ring and stems or a colour as shown left.  The white version with pale blue flowers has proved popular as a bridal token, see also below.
Please contact Rosalind for further information.
The ring used for these brooches measures 32mm.
 These Posy Brooches are now available to purchase on-line on
 A kit is now available for making a simple version of the Dorset Posy Brooch, priced £4.  The kit contains a 25mm brass ring, suitable threads for both the background and the flowers, a blunt tapestry needle, a safety pin and full instructions for how to proceed. 
A tiny good luck token for a Dorset bride.
'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue....'
This beaded, Dorset Cross Wheel button is designed to be pinned discretely to the wedding dress.
The button is worked on a 16 mm ring.
Please contact Rosalind to order or buy on-line on
Price ......£6.50